Hey I'm Saam and I make games. Here are some of the projects I've worked on.

Professional Work:

Arcane Legends Arcane Legends
Dragon Fight VR Dragon Fight VR
Jar Wars Jar Wars
Looty Dungeon Looty Dungeon
RWBY Grimm Eclipse RWBY Grimm Eclipse

Personal Work:

Disorder Disorder
Pre-Shave Pre-Shave

Current Project:

Bill Hates Videogames Bill Hates Videogames
Saam Pahlavan


I’ve been in the game industry for more than 6 years with several independent and studio titles under my belt. As a designer I feel that I’m proficient in putting together the pieces of a game to enhance the vision as a whole. I excel in finding the parts of a game's design and making them work to become a shippable and polished product.


Resume available upon request.

Contact: hello@saampahlavan.com