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Get Dat Swag is a 2 Player Competitive Flash game. The game was created using the Flixel Flash engine/library.


The game was created in roughly 9 weeks using agile development. I'm responsible for all aspects of the game including art, sound,


and programming. In Get Dat Swag players compete to get the most coins and return them to their chests. Players can jump


on each other's heads to make the other player drop their swag. I also used a tilemap editor called DAME to quickly construct levels.


The project started as an opportunity to learn the Flixel Flash library and after two weeks of tutorials I began prototyping the game.


I've started recreating the game in Unity as a way to learn the Unity engine and add more features to the game. If you would like to follow my


progress you can check it out on the TIGsource Forums or check out my blog for updates.






The game was also curated by NY game collective, Babycastles for the PULSE festival at the Telfair Museum of Art.


Here are a few images of the arcade cabinet for Get Dat Swag.