Saam Pahlavan, Game Designer, Flash Developer, Portfolio








"SNÖ" is a game created for the 2013 Holiday Game Jam. Holiday Game Jam was started by Glitch City LA


as a way to create games representing the spirit of the holidays. All of the games created within the 2 week jam


are bundled together and can be purchased for $1.00 and all profits go to the Child's Play Charity. "SNÖ" is the first


3d game I've created. It's meant to be a nice and relaxing environment you can walk around in. I collaborated with


several people on the project.








The Rules are Simple was created for Ludum Dare 26 - Minimalism. This game takes rules placed by


traditional platformers and changes them as the game goes on. It becomes more simplified as the player gets


further. The visuals are inspired by Piet Mondrian.







"Can I Take Dis Order" was made for Global Game Jam 2013. The theme was the sound of a heartbeat


I helped design and program the game. In Can I Take Dis Order you play as an employee at a fast


food restaurant. Your goal is to keep your heart rate down by satisfying customers and your manager.


The player can also sabotage orders to remove more stress. The game's main mechanic of typing


out orders is inspired by "Cart Life" and creates the monotony of working in the fast food industry.


Team: Sebastien Vakerics, Matt McConnell, Alex Previty, Antionette Brown, Saam Pahlavan









Princess Panic was created for the Adventure Time Game Jam. The theme was to create a game


based off the Cartoon Network show, "Adventure Time". We were also required to add a secret snail


from the show into the game. In Princess Panic you must use Jake's stretch powers to reach higher


areas and take out the Ice King's penguin minions. I did the design and art for the game.


Team: Luke Keyes, Saam Pahlavan