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Hi, I'm Saam Pahlavan, independent game developer, folk hero, and human easter egg.

I can't remember when I started playing games, it was probably back in an ancient time called the 90's. I grew up playing the Nintendo Enterainment System and eventually experienced a plethura of systems including the Playstation, DreamCast, and PC. It wasn't till I graduated from high school that I began to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design to create my own games. I enjoy designing games and bringing them to fruition. I like making unique experiences that express my thoughts or interests.

I also host a podcast called The Loading Screen Podcast where I interview game devs and other people involved with games about their history with the medium.

I currently reside in Austin, TX. Where I spend most of my time working on games alone or collaborating with other people. If you're interested in collaborating on a game / game jam then just send me an email or a tweet.

Email: gamemastersaam@gmail.com LinkedIn: Saam Pahlavan

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